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 Help me with MAX762

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PostSubject: Help me with MAX762   Help me with MAX762 Icon_minitimeFri Nov 10, 2006 5:45 am

Can anybody help me with MAX762?

I am studying SMPS designs and bought MAX762 to construct a boost converter to test and learn.

However, I do not want to construct it blindly, instead, I would like to construct a power supply meant for a certain application?

Can any body give me a practical circuit or an idea of applications for such bosst converters (fixed operating frequency, low power, 3V to 12 V)
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PostSubject: Re: Help me with MAX762   Help me with MAX762 Icon_minitimeSun Nov 12, 2006 9:45 am

Generally speaking, Maxim had been famous for it's accurate specifications. So it's products are normally more expensive. For critical applications and highly-stressed conditions , we can rely on maxim parts since maxim does not seem to overstate the part's performances.

For test and experiment purposes, you can have a look at National web site. I like national's simulation features. You can design many circuits online .

For sample circuit, you don't need many parts in fact. In the maxim specs, there will be sample or typical application circuit. That's enough for them to work well. Some times those typical circuits are their optimal configuration. For the boost converter circuit you use (which use inductor), the IC, an inductor , two caps, and a schottky diode will be enough to work. If your output load cannot allow high ripple , you will need additional pi filter on the output which will flatten the output ( involves some calculations ). Choose caps to have enough ripple current rating.
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Help me with MAX762
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