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 Cataclysm hits World of Warcraft

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Cataclysm hits World of Warcraft Empty
PostSubject: Cataclysm hits World of Warcraft   Cataclysm hits World of Warcraft Icon_minitimeThu Dec 09, 2010 4:34 pm

The normal practice when releasing theexpansion for a set of r?the line is to focus on veteran players, giving them new land to explore, more difficult to defeat enemies and new challenges to face - and to stand out of messing too much with established world traditions.But World of Warcraft doesis not exactly a normal r?the online game.And his packthird extension, Cataclysm,ugg Women's Caspia n 'is not an ordinary set of new content, such as anger expansions prior to the Lich King and Burning Crusade.Instead, it unleashes an ancient evil on thefamiliar world of the game - largely unchanged for the six years since its launch - the break beyond recognition.
You speak ofmove.Boasting a fat over 12 million players, World of Warcraft is by far the most successful game r?never made it online, and has been since shortly after the2004, launch.Developer Blizzard can count on each of these players casting regular feessubscription (currently about $ 15 per month for customers in the U.S.) in its coffers - a billion dollars in revenue every year.So why risk s'alienate such a solid,ugg capstone sale established public?C 'We are all players ofattract new - and persuasive retired warriors WoW to come back for one more game hit.Although lands hold great nostalgic value, they have started showing their age to try of new content.
More than thatan exciting new look for the maximum level of the game faithful.The Warcraft, which sets a ceiling on the possible progress ofa player goes from 80 to 85, and then it is possible to make that leap in a few hours, c 'is always a major benefit for people with existing high-level characters.Two new playable races, the green-skinned goblins and werewolves as Worgen, are also emerging.Women's Lynnea And new dungeons, bosses, and extra-hard "hero?that "versions of events will know theplenty to keep hardcore busy.The approach seems to be a hit with critics and players.Venturebeat theMatthew Lynley calls the new content of thewriting "Sharp?redesigned and the world "an amazing testimony to the ability of developers from Blizzard.
The players, armed with the new extension, servers are predatory - in some cases, reducing it to "a crash "under their weight.In ofother words, c 'selling.In is a fact, it is almost assured ofbe the best selling PC game of theyear, and should easily surpass the impressive figures of July Starcraft II - Blizzard also release.Warcraft thelast expansion, the Wrath of the Lich King 2008,Women's Jillian sold for 2.8 millioncopies in the first 24 hours of availability, and Cataclysm should do as well ... better.Has Cataclysm or seduce you back to Azeroth?How do you change?Let us know in the comments.
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Cataclysm hits World of Warcraft
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