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 Arenas eager for 'new beginning' with Magic

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Arenas eager for 'new beginning' with Magic Empty
PostSubject: Arenas eager for 'new beginning' with Magic   Arenas eager for 'new beginning' with Magic Icon_minitimeTue Dec 21, 2010 8:38 am

After discovering his trade for the Magic was official,Jordan shoes he finished his meeting withentered?ment, grabbed a pair of shoes, said goodbye and took the first flight to Orlando. It doesThere was no time to waste chance to start had finally arrived. "C 'is a new beginning for me ', Arenas said late Saturday evening in a gray shorts Magic T-shirt and practice, ending a session ofentered?ment in the practice ofinstallation team. "ITacts ofa real new beginning. Change my number was a new beginning, but it 'sacts ofa revival with a new city, new people and new team, and I re?ois again start. "The Magic only hope thatHe leaves all his problems behind.
Arenas was suspended 50 games last season for having a gun in the locker room in Washington.Air jordan shoes It also simulated an injury to sit on a pre-season game this year, and his off-the-cuff remarks were a constant distraction for a team of young people oftoday 'Today 'sarticulate around No. 1 draft picks John Wall.Arenas never really with Washington after Wall took over as player frank and new leadership. The Wizards have been through the growing pains this season, teams are young, and Arenas felt that their plans did not understand. "J 'I felt something when I came back on the bench, "Arenas said. "Theexcuse was thatthey needed to score on the bench.
My questions was:?Where is the score the starting five??.Nike Air Jordan I thought thatthey were probably my shipment because I was playing well and some people would probably have some interest in me??Theinterest comes froma place so far had expected, but always wondered if it would really happen - Arenas included.Magic president of basketball operations Otis Smith has been a close friend and mentor?father figure?, Ie ofArenas, custody since thatthey were together in Golden State -. Smith in the front office and a young player Arenas They often speak withanother, and Smith n 'has never abandoned thehope that the three-time All-Star could again be one of the most dynamic players in the NBA.
Now c 'is Smith who could be putting his own legacy Magic game with a bold move many teams have refused to do.Air Jordans "We tend not to forgive the people in this country, "Smith said. "We tend to hold onto things a little longer, especially if they play sports professionals. And I always say that sometimes good people do stupid things, and that that right on top of the list. But I feel thecomfortable with. who he is, I've known thatHe has 19 years'Arenas is still scheduled for approximately $ 60 million over four years, theA major reason - with recurring knee problems that thelimited to 47 games the previous three seasons - many teams have also remained clear.
But the Magic could unload another contract balloon Rashard Lewis,Women's Retro Cargo who still has two more years after this season remaining on a $ 118 million, deal.Arenas six years has shown signs this season thatit may be close to what thatonce when he was health. The 28-year-old has averaged 17.3 points and 5.6 assists, scoring a season-high 31 points against the Magic Nov. 27.One thing is certain: The Magic desperately needa spark.They have lost six of their last seven games to fall from first to fourth in the Eastern Conference.Women's Roslynn The blade is amplified by 12-game winning streaks in Miami and Boston, an effect ofentered?ment was sufficient to force Orlando to reorder the list again.
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Arenas eager for 'new beginning' with Magic
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